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We can accept origination in the following formats.

  1. Photographs, colour prints ( preferably glossy ) or colour transparencies (slides)
  2. Artwork ( maximum size A4 ). Logos to be sharp and not photocopies.
  3. Work can be supplied in the following file types.
    Word, Quark Express, Indesign,
    High Resolution PDF, JPEG, Tiff,
    or any image that opens in Photoshop.
    PDFs will usually be able to be sent
    by e.mail. to:
  4. Images in Tiff, JPEG, EPS, PSD. or any format that will open in Adobe Photoshop.
  5. Digital camera images can be used, but best results will be obtained from higher resolution images. Do not crop or alter the image size and resolution, we will do this to suit our printing requirements.
  6. Previously Printed originals: if these are supplied the responsibility for any copyright infringement rests with the client. Sometimes the reproduced printing loses quality and although we will do everything to minimise the pre printed patterning responsibilty for the final quality rests with the client.

All origination will be returned at the completion of the job.

Please do not write with a ballpoint pen on the back of colour prints as this may indent the photograph. The ink may transfer to other photographs causing permanent damage. Paper clips (the secretary's favourite) are also the scourge of the pre-press dept along with sellotape.

We will endeavour to improve the colour if required and remove ugly intrusive telephone wires, poles and general clutter, please advise us at the time of placing your order. A simple sketch of your layout will assist us in processing your order.We will always phone you with any queries.

The untrimmed size for postcards is 152 x 105mm and for business cards it is 91x 59mm.We trim off 2mm on all sides leaving postcards 148 x101mm and business cards 87x 55mm. A bar code is available free of charge. Please inform us at the time of placing the order.

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